Toilet Mastery, Episode 3. A smiling child sits on a toilet, excited to have mastered toilet training.

This week’s episode of the ParentTalk podcast circles the drain yet again on the topic of toilet training, rounding out our three-part series on each family’s quest for toilet mastery.  Episodes one and two of the series laid the groundwork for parents entering this stage of their child’s development, and in this final episode of a series we’re sure to return to, we address some common and not-so-common circumstances that can upset your child’s progress within and beyond the bathroom.  For those parents feeling stuck on a plateau, or frustrated by a regression in their child’s toilet training, we hear you.  This episode is for you.

“There’s something called ‘baby-led weaning,’ where you provide good food, you put it in front of the child, and you let the child explore.  Sometimes they’ll throw it on the floor.  Sometimes they’ll get it in their eye instead of their mouth.  They won’t always do it perfectly, but it’s part of a process where they learn how to take responsibility for what goes into their bodies.  Well, now, we’re going to talk about taking responsibility for what comes out of their bodies.  It’s really very similar.”

– Susan Glaser

Episode Highlights:

– The connection between potty mastery and the development of new skills in other areas of your child’s life.

– Creating confidence in your child.

– Realistic timelines for potty training.

– Preparing to leave the home while toilet training.

– Turning over the “work” of toilet mastery to your child.

– Considering daycare demands during toilet training.

– Emotional and behavioral causes for bathroom regression.

– What toilet training means in the eyes of your child.

– Why poop is harder than pee to toilet train.

– When and how to break the process into smaller steps.

– Addressing constipation in your child.

– Handling regressions.