We’re on to Part 2 of our series on toilet training, or as we prefer to call it, Toilet Mastery.  You can find the first episode in this series here.

This week, Susan and Arthur return to toilet training to address the specific steps parents can use to survive and thrive during the toilet mastery phase of their child’s development.

It’s often the case that toilet mastery is the first voluntary skill a child will learn, and the first challenge that will pit the will of that child against the will of his/her parents.  In this discussion of toilet training and early skill development, Arthur and Susan outline proven strategies to accelerate children’s mastery of the toilet and their own bodies, and answer the first round of listener questions on bathroom behaviors, routines, challenges, and rewards.

“We see this whole toilet issue as a key developmental step.  It’s a learning issue.  It’s a turning over of responsibility from the parent to the child, with the child agreeing to take over that responsibility.  Success in mastering this skill builds confidence and self-esteem, and translates into success in all sorts of different parts of a child’s life.”

– Arthur Lavin

Episode Highlights:

– Seeing toilet training as the learning of a new skill.

– The relationship between toilet mastery and the development of other skills.

– What a child is giving up when they use the toilet independently.

– What creates the tug of war between parents and children.

– Understanding conflict as an essential component of a child’s development.

– Preparations: taking your first steps in toilet training.

– Setting reasonable expectations for the toilet mastery process.

– Making your child the boss of his/her own body.

– How to keep your messaging clear and consistent.

– Outlining the process and common timelines for potty training.

– Listener questions.