To feed or not to feed.  To fret or not to fret.  These are now the questions, and ParentTalk has returned to the subject of eating to provide parents with some answers.  In Part 2 of our series exploring conflicts related to food and feeding (listen to Part 1 here), pediatrician Dr. Arthur Lavin and childhood development specialist Susan Glaser, M.A., move beyond questions related to how food works in the body, and into how parents can support healthy eating habits in children of all developmental levels.

We will be returning to the subject of eating throughout our podcast journey, so be on the lookout for future episodes covering this terrain.  In the meantime, if you have questions related to your child’s eating, or success stories to share, you can submit them through the form at the bottom of the page, and we will cover them in an upcoming episode.  Happy parenting, one and all!

“The reason why you want your child to eat is because their bodies are asking them for food, not because we’ve incentivized them, or we’ve asked them to eat, or to gain the reward of a dessert.”

– Arthur Lavin

Episode Highlights:

– Reviewing the basics of feeding: how the body determines the food it needs, and why parents have a hard time trusting that their child has eaten enough.

– How food-needs change in each stage of childhood development.

– Trusting the growth chart.

– Answering listeners’ eating- and feeding-related questions.

– Mealtime and snacking tips.

– When to worry about eating.