” The Trick of the Appetite and the Nature of Feeding.”

To feed or not to feed.  That is the question, and this week’s podcast explores potential answers.  In this episode of the ParentTalk podcast, Dr. Arthur Lavin and childhood development specialist Susan Glaser discuss the psychological and physiological needs of infants when it comes to food, and the emotional forces that so often dictate parents’ responses to feeding schedules.

“The Trick of the Appetite and the Nature of Feeding” is the first in a series of episodes devoted to understanding your child’s needs and behaviors around food, and developing strategies to increase harmony, empathy, and healthy solutions for food-related conflicts in your home.  Stay tuned for the next episode in this series, or submit us your questions using the form below.

“Food is the easiest battle of childhood to understand, and the hardest to accept.”

– Arthur Lavin

Episode Highlights:

– The powerful, historical, cultural, and biological instinct to feed our children the “right foods” or the “right amount” of food.

– Trusting your child’s body to know how much it needs to eat when feeding.

– Understanding the origins of hunger.

– The trick of the appetite.

– Social impacts on appetite in children over four years of age.

– Parents’ fears versus realities when it comes to their children getting enough food.