A Preschool Teacher Plays with Her Students

5 Things Every Preschool Teacher Wants Parents to Know

As we move into the beginning of a new academic year, ParentTalk directs its focus to “preschool training for parents”—zeroing in on the 5 things every preschool teacher wants parents to know.

The transition from home to school life is a difficult one for parents and children alike, but while preschools are outfitted to help children manage this developmental step, they do comparatively little to help parents with the fears, anxieties, and uncertainties that are an immanent part of letting go of familiar routines and beginning something new.

In this week’s podcast, Susan Glaser, a longstanding director of preschools before becoming a renowned consultant for early childhood programs and educators, takes listeners through the five insights that can best help parents, and their children’s teachers, brave the school year comfortably and securely.

For more on preschool preparations, see our previous episode on Choosing a Preschool, where we explore how parents can find the right preschool programs for their children, and their family’s values.

“I picked five things, but there are probably one hundred and five things, or even a million and five, that preschool teachers would like parents to know. But after being a director for many, many years, I’ve narrowed them down to things I think have broader implications.”

– Susan Glaser

Episode Highlights:

– Talking to your preschool teacher.

–  Preparing your child for preschool.

– Teaching your child to know their own belongings.

– Making sure that potty trained children can wipe properly before beginning school.

– Preparing children (and parents) for shared attention and waiting their turn.  Everyone is special, but not everyone can be first.

– Accepting some (but not all) critical feedback from your child’s preschool teacher.

– The danger of comparing your child to other children in their preschool class.