Choosing a Preschool. Two young children draw among baskets of colored markers.

Choosing a preschool is one of the more precarious decisions parents can make on behalf of their children.  For on one hand, most parents would agree that a school that nurtures positive and supportive relationships is vital to their child’s personal, social, and academic development; on the other, the sheer volume of programs, organizations, and educational philosophies can make the “right fit” for their child more difficult to spot.  So, what are Montessori Schools?  What are Reggio or Goddard Programs?  Do these terms matter?  And what should parents be prioritizing when looking for the right preschool for their child’s needs and their family’s values?

To help answer these questions, ParentTalk has enlisted early education specialists Kathy Pomer and Sarah Koffler, co-founders of GatherRound Consulting, a consulting and advocacy practice for early education teachers and professionals.  In a roundtable discussion covering a range of topics related to child development, education, and support communities for parents, families, and early childhood educators, this week’s episode seeks not only to help parents find the right answers for their preschool needs, but to connect with and create the right environments and communities to help their children thrive.

You don’t want to miss this one.

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“We want to look for a school that really values each child as an individual, and therefore values where that child is developmentally.”

– Sarah Koffler, GatherRound Consulting

Episode Highlights:

– Choosing a Preschool: What questions should parents be asking teachers, administrators, and themselves before choosing a preschool?

– Understanding a preschool’s approach and philosophy.

– Finding alignment between your family’s values and your preschool’s practices.

– Are there differences between preschool, child care, and daycare?

– What to look for in a prospective preschool.

– Montessori, Reggio, and Goddard schools.  What do they mean, what do they offer, and do they matter?