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The Power of Your Child’s No.

In our inaugural episode of the ParentTalk podcast, pediatrician Dr. Arthur Lavin and childhood development specialist Susan Glaser, M.A. discuss the evolution of both parents and parenting in their respective careers.  Across cultures and generations, parents and parenthood have undergone seismic changes, impacting the shape and expectations of childhood, and the development of children who grow and develop within these changes.  The one thing that hasn’t changed?  The needs and basic nature of children themselves.

Join us in episode one of the ParentTalk podcast, The Power of Your Child’s ‘No,’ as we compare the notes we’ve acquired over 40 years of helping parents manage the joys and frustrations of parenthood, and offer guidance and encouragement to parents seeking their own path toward loving, understanding, and sustaining connections with their children.

“No one parenting strategy will ever get rid of all of the conflict and tension, because the conflict and tension are hardwired into children.  Without this conflict, the child does not have an opportunity to become their own person, or to individuate from their parents.”

– Susan Glaser

Episode Highlights:

– Changes in parents’ expectations of their children, and of childhood

– The idealism of new parents versus the realities of first-time parenthood

– New approaches to parenting, and the fundamental fears and desires of all parents

– How frustration can lead to parenting shortcuts, and alternatives to strategies like bribery, threatening, and cajoling

– The conflicting information offered in parenting literature

– Finding approaches that work for you, your family, and your values

– Understanding the essentialness of conflict between parents and children

– The difference between disappointment and trauma

– How to see challenges as opportunities

– Seeing boundaries as defining a safe and secure place for your child