As we continue with our discussion of sibling rivalry, our focus extends to how these relationships grow and change as children age, and in particular, how conflicting feels can form simultaneously as each child reaches new stages in his or her development.  Dr. Lavin likens siblings to two great rivers, coming together and drifting apart throughout their lives.  The same could be said of the feelings of love and anger, togetherness and envy, kinship and competitiveness, that whorl inside each child when they think of their siblings.

In this episode of the ParentTalk Podcast, Arthur and Susan discuss how to better understand these feelings, and these relationships, through conscious parenting, and discuss specific strategies parents can use to empower their children, set realistic expectations, and encourage bonds based in love and trust within their households.

“I always thinking of siblings as two, or many, great rivers, that wind together and wind apart.  It’s a very complex mix of relationships.”

– Arthur Lavin

Episode Highlights:

– Allowing children to have their own feelings about their siblings.

– How sibling rivalries become renewed when babies become mobile.

– The importance of understanding the negative feelings a child may have for a younger sibling.

– Empowering your child to find their own solutions to problems with their siblings.

– Beginning interventions with frustrated children with the three essential words: “I can see…”

– Treating children fairly, not equally.