Separation anxiety. A child playfully clings to the next of his father.

We’re very excited to be discussing a subject that is near and dear to the heart of any parent whose child is not long past birth, and that is separation anxiety.  There are all sorts of anxieties that children experience, some immediately after birth, some later on in the first year of life, and still others at 18 months.  We’re going to be devoting time to all of them in this episode.

“Surviving Separation and Separation Anxiety” takes listeners from the biological origins of children’s responses to separation, to the way these responses play out in children from newborn to 18-months.

As with all episodes of ParentTalk, our goal is to offer parents an opportunity to understand and address their children’s feelings in way that will build better empathy, and more healthy and secure attachments within their families.

“Parents often want it both ways.  They want to miss their child because they love their child, but they don’t want their child to miss them because they feel guilty.  I’m here to say don’t feel guilty.  Rejoice in the fact that your child has a healthy, secure attachment to you.  A child who is securely attached is going to have feelings about being separated from their parent or primary caregiver.”

– Susan Glaser

Episode Highlights:

– The mixed emotions parents have about separation anxiety in their children.

– The differences between separation anxiety and stranger anxiety.

– The biological underpinnings of separation anxieties.

– Anxiety and personality.

– The developmental origins of separation anxiety.

– Tips for managing separation anxieties.

– What not to do.  Never sneak out!

– Separation anxiety in parents.

– Giving your child control, and letting it be your child who says goodbye.