Parental Differences. A child sits between two fighting parents.

Managing Parental Differences

Welcome back to the ParentTalk Podcast.  This week’s conversation is a special one, as it focuses on what to do when parents disagree about parenting, and what this means to each parent, and to their children.

Every parent brings to parenthood a story.  They bring their hopes, their fears, and their wishes for how parenthood, and how childhood, should be in their families.  But how can parents negotiate differences in stances, wishes, and values between themselves and a well-intentioned, but different, partner or spouse?  Parents can be alike, but no two are identical.  This week’s episode of the ParentTalk podcast dives into where these differences can originate, and how they can be successfully managed between parents.

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“The only time that parents are on exactly the same page is at the moment of their child’s birth.”

– Susan Glaser

Episode Highlights:

– Understanding difference.

– How parental differences emerge.

– Managing parental differences in daily parenting situations.

– Seeing difference as diversity in your household.

– When to include your child in the negotiation of differences, and when not to.