Choosing a Pediatrician

Choosing a Pediatrician

This week’s episode of the ParentTalk Podcast is the first in an ongoing “Ask a Pediatrician” series, featuring the insights of our podcast’s own Dr. Arthur Lavin.  In this inaugural installment, Arthur and Susan discuss the first and most foundational topic when it comes to your family and your doctor: how to choose a pediatrician that best meets your needs and the needs of your child?  From prenatal interviews, to ideal office dynamics, to approaching initial conversations with prospective pediatricians, ParentTalk has answers to parents’ most frequently asked questions about selecting the right doctor for you and your child.

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“There are two types of experts, and you’ll know which kind you’re dealing with within the first few minutes of talking to your pediatrician.  One is the expert who knows the answer to your question before they walk into the room.  The second type of expert has no idea what the answer to the question is before they’ve walked into the room because the question hasn’t been asked yet.  That expert has read as many thousands of articles and as many hundreds of books, but they are oriented toward what the family brings to them, and that will determine what they give back to the family.”

– Arthur Lavin

Episode Highlights:

–  The differences between large and small practices.

– What to look for when choosing a pediatrician.

– The importance of a strong relationship between parents and their pediatrician.

– The role of a pediatrician in the information age.

– Politics, social pressure, and medical care.

– Interviewing pediatricians.  What to look for in a pediatrician, and in a practice.

– What to ask a pediatrician during that first visit.

– What to expect from conversations with your pediatrician.

– Choosing a pediatrician: the importance of give and take.

– How trust works between parents and their child’s doctor.