Parenting Controversy. A parent shrugs her shoulders.

The 3 Hottest Parenting Controversies (That Don’t Really Matter)

We’re an agreeable group here at ParentTalk, but in this week’s episode of the podcast, we’re going to do something we haven’t done before: enter the warm climate of parenting controversies, and explore three that, for all of their passion, don’t deserve the attention they so often receive.

We should be clear in stating that all parenting decisions matter.  Choosing how to help your baby could not matter more.  But in the information age, there remain particularly contentious divides in the kinds of decisions that, in nearly all circumstances, won’t make an appreciable difference in the life or wellness of your child.  In short, your child will be fine no matter which direction you choose.  It’s in these cases that we’d like to tamp down the passion, ratchet down the contention, and assure parents that these are the least significant of the choices they will make on behalf of their children.  Science, medicine, evidence, and the best of our experts in child development remind us so.

“Our hearts go out to parents of newborns. I think the world sees you as a target. I think there’s a lot of adults who are impassioned about a perceived threat that come to you with passionate argument. And hopefully the practice of taking a step back, and seeing whether an issue is present or not, can help all parents enjoy a bit more tranquility in having a newborn.”

– Arthur Lavin

Episode Highlights:

– Parenting Controversy #1: Tongue Tie Cutting

–  Parenting Controversy #2: Feeding from the Breast or Bottle

– Parenting Controversy #3: Circumcision